• About

    Lefteris Mamatas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia, Greece. He worked as a senior researcher at the University College London, Space Internetworking Center/Democritus University of Thrace and DoCoMo Eurolabs in Munich. His research interests are in the areas of cloud computing, software-defined networks, network function virtualization, network management and energy efficient communication. He participated in 16 international and regional research projects, such as WiSHFUL OC2 (H2020), MONROE OC2 (H2020), Dolfin (FP7), UniverSELF (FP7), and Extending Internet into Space (ESA). He has published more than 40 papers in international journals and conferences. He served as a General Chair for the WWIC 2016 conference and the INFOCOM SWFAN 2016 workshop, as a TPC Chair for the INFOCOM SWFAN 2017, E-DTN 2009, IFIP WWIC 2012 conferences/workshops and as a Guest Editor for the Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks Journal.

  • Research Area

    Wireless Broadband Networks and Quality of Service
  • Selected Papers

    • L. Mamatas, S. Clayman and A. Galis, "Information Exchange Management as a Service for Network Function Virtualization Environments", IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, volume 13, issue 3, pages 564-577, 2016.
    • L. Mamatas, S. Clayman and A. Galis, "A flexible information service for management of virtualized software-defined infrastructures", Wiley International Journal of Network Management, Special Issue on Software-Defined Operations, volume 26, issue 5, Pages 396–418, 2016.
    • L. Mamatas, S. Clayman and A. Galis, "A Service-Aware Virtualized Software Defined Infrastructure", IEEE Communications Magazine, Feature Topic on Network and Service Virtualization, volume 53, issue 4, pages 166 - 174, April 2015.
    • M. Charalambides, D. Tuncer, L. Mamatas and G. Pavlou, "Energy-Aware Adaptive Network Resource Management", IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM 2013), 27-31 May 2013, Ghent, Belgium.
    • L. Mamatas, V. Tsaoussidis, "Exploiting Energy-Saving Potential in Heterogeneous Networks", International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems (IJPEDS), Taylor & Francis, volume 23, issue 4, pages 309-324, August 2008.